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Kingspans' Insulated Panels
International Sustainability Vision

“To be a global leader in sustainable business and establish a leading position in providing sustainable, renewable and affordable best practice solutions for the construction sector”

Sustainability Policy

Kingspan Insulated Panels is the most highly recognized brand for insulated cladding panels in the markets for which it services across the world.

Striving for sustainability in all our business products and operations is our corporate and personal responsibility. Kingspan Insulated Panels aims to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in product and service delivery.

To this end, Kingspan Insulated Panels will:

 Incorporate the ethos of sustainability into the vision and values of the organisation.
 Continually improve operational performance through the setting of long-term objectives and targets related to sustainability and review progress regularly.
 Comply or exceed applicable legal and policy requirements related to the environmental and social aspects of the organisation.
 Optimise energy and raw material usage and prevent or minimise pollution and environmental damage.
 Continually monitor sustainability performance and actively communicate progress annually in the form of a published Sustainability Report, using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.
 Communicate and actively promote awareness and acceptance of this policy to everyone working for, or on behalf of, the organisation (incl employees, shareholders, suppliers/sub-contractors and customers).
 Ensure employees are given adequate training in sustainability issues and are fully involved in helping deliver the Sustainability Vision & Policy.

Implement a Code of Conduct and support sustainability guidelines for key suppliers and contractors and other interested parties to ensure they comply with the Kingspan Insulated Panels Sustainability Policy.















Kingspan Insulated Panels is dedicated to adopting and becoming fully involved in supporting the implementation of the Sustainability Policy.

The responsibility for implementing this vision and strategy lies with the Divisional Managing Director.

This policy forms a framework for our activities, product design, services and decision-making and promotes engagement of the entire organisation and will be reviewed annually.